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We raise some critters a short distance out of town and I always love discovering the wildlife that finds its way onto the property.

This week we had some serious work to do, but I never go there without my camera, so snapped a few images as I could. After soaking in the greening of the rolling hills and admiring the yellow blooms of the unpalatable buffalo beans, we quickly set to work and were shortly accompanied by some unexpectedly nearby hammering. My eyes searched the aspens in the direction of the woodpecker’s rapping but caught a tiny flash of red atop a fence panel of the corral instead. Snapping up my camera and moving in as close as he would allow, he even offered a beautiful portrait.


I was lucky that our morning’s major task progressed faster than expected and gave me some time to check out one of the ponds, brimming with water finally melted after our snowy winter, Canada Geese, ducks of different stripes, four or five Red-Winged Blackbirds competing for the attention of a lone hen, and a pair of Wilson’s Phalaropes. These pharalopes are interesting in that it’s the female that is the brightly coloured one (at least in breeding plumage) because the male incubates and raises the young. I’ll need to bring an extender for my long lens to get a good shot of these two next time.

Fun was to watch a small group of bull elk wonder what I was doing. They’re curious creatures and moved in to check me out. I really do need to go out just to capture the amazing animals in our little corner of the world.

juuuuust keeping an eye on you

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