operation: bunny rescue

feral baby bunny
It’s a cute bunny, but it’s not a great photo.

I take very few photos as leader on Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk because I’m much more interested in helping people, but on this year’s walk in Calgary Canada, a couple of the walkers were especially helpful to a little bunny.

Our group found a litter of domestic rabbits that had created a home in a patch of junipers along a commercial street. Someone noticed that one of the bunnies had a seriously infected eye and two of the participants decided that they wanted to help the little guy. We caught him, and walkers Camille and Denise tracked down a vet that was open on a Saturday night. They ducked out in the middle of the walk, offered to make a donation to the vet for the rabbit’s care, and returned in time to rejoin the group at the end of the walk.

I have great respect for these two, willing to put their own interests on hold and to be potentially out of pocket to help another creature. The bunny will be re-homed through the SPCA and will certainly have a much better life than it would have as a half blind feral critter on a city street. Tremendous thanks to C&D for their big hearts!

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