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The amazing things our brains can do.


loose tooth

My kids get a kick out of the work of some parent/photographers who do fun stuff with their kids. One of my daughters decided that she wanted a photo just like one she had seen […]

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Calgary chinook

A new public artwork was officially presented to the city on Friday, together with the opening of a beautiful park named for urban sociologist and long-time Calgary city councilor Barb Scott. A mesmerising, interactive piece, […]

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It’s the shadow cast by the slats of a kitchen chair onto a table, but also of sunlight reflected from within the room creating a lighter shadow at a different angle.

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fire-y lion

I come from a science background so documenting things accurately, as they are, is deeply set in my nature. This, however, appeals to me. I don’t know why but if pressed to answer, I would […]

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