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Images of people, whether adults, children, or infants. There might be some critters in there too.


peeking through the window

Large events can pose challenges in creating a group photo. It could be that not everyone is present at the same time, individuals are reluctant to be photographed, or are not prepared to be photographed […]

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He cracks smiles all the time. His mom says so. But today,… Does this mean something?

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the colour of fall

We’ve had some solid frosts now and the few remaining leaves are brown and quickly dropping. There’s no longer any “fall colour” (unless you count the crispy brown carpet underfoot), and people are grumbling about […]

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He’s intelligent, hardworking, funny, and truly kindhearted. This image doesn’t do him justice but was requested by a member of his campaign team — to print life-sized! I’ve had a few photo sessions with Jeremy […]

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