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Seasons here generally mean a half year of winter and a couple of blazing weeks of summer. It’s fun though.


white sand

I was fortunate this past week to travel to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico with some priviledged access to the famed gypsum dunes. Especially because it’s January, I had to keep reminding myself […]

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night light

This past spring I travelled well away from city lights on a few nights hoping to get some photographs of the aurora borealis. ¬†They had been particularly strong, displaying pinks normally seen only at significantly […]

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the colour of fall

We’ve had some solid frosts now and the few remaining leaves are brown and quickly dropping. There’s no longer any “fall colour” (unless you count the crispy brown carpet underfoot), and people are grumbling about […]

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wishing for spring

Yes, it’s a post about the weather — the most insane winter weather we’ve had in my recollection (and I’m no spring chicken… haha). It started last November, though it feels like years rather than […]

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