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Photographs that can be licensed and used for a variety of purposes.


Miss March

See the bear cub at the top? That’s the calendar you want if you’d like to spend March with my Kermode bear. You can find it at Calendar Club, or order it here: Canadian Geographic […]

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It’s the shadow cast by the slats of a kitchen chair onto a table, but also of sunlight reflected from within the room creating a lighter shadow at a different angle.

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ice-cream-eating scenery

I’ve just changed up the prints hanging at the coffee shop in my neighbourhood. With the summer solstice I decided something new was in order there too. My extremely popular hedgehog “bad boy!” is now […]

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big projects

I’ve been so busy with outside projects that I’ve had to put my own aside for a while, but today, despite my somewhat zombie-like state after chasing the aurora last night, I was finally able […]

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