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Critters that roam freely.


Miss March

See the bear cub at the top? That’s the calendar you want if you’d like to spend March with my Kermode bear. You can find it at Calendar Club, or order it here: Canadian Geographic […]

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operation: bunny rescue

It’s a cute bunny, but it’s not a great photo. I take very few photos as leader on Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk because I’m much more interested in helping people, but on this year’s walk […]

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fire-y lion

I come from a science background so documenting things accurately, as they are, is deeply set in my nature. This, however, appeals to me. I don’t know why but if pressed to answer, I would […]

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ice-cream-eating scenery

I’ve just changed up the prints hanging at the coffee shop in my neighbourhood. With the summer solstice I decided something new was in order there too. My extremely popular hedgehog “bad boy!” is now […]

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