This is a small smattering of the images in my library — it is by no means a complete collection. If you are looking for something in particular, please ask!

Headshot Gallery:
Professional images of professionals (imagine that!) for publications, websites, and social media.

People Gallery:
These are the beautiful, natural faces (and sometimes other, random parts) of the people I get to photograph — wonderful characters!

Nature and Wildlife Gallery:
The wild creatures and places on our planet are astoundingly diverse. The existence of some of these animals and their homes is in peril and documenting them is important, which makes for an easy job when they’re also so photogenic.

Aurora Borealis:
I’ve become increasingly fascinated with a phenomenon that has the potential to wreak havoc on our planet as we become more dependent upon the technology that it could damage. The effects are simply too beautiful, however, not to spend sleepless nights chasing them.

The Hand of Man Gallery:
Almost any image that evinces a human touch can land in this gallery. It encompasses architecture and man-made structures, hints of man’s ancient presence, and his current technological creativity.

Events Gallery:
From playground openings through awards ceremonies to political functions and more, this gallery contains a diverse selection of events.

I add to and change images in the galleries from time-to-time, so watch for announcements!

UPDATE: December 3, 2015
The events and headshot galleries have gone up!