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I think I blinked. Suddenly the summer has passed and while it may look to the blog world like I’ve been snoozing in the sun a bit much, I’ve just been far too busy to keep up! Some of the fun (and craziness) will trickle out here eventually.

I’ve done a number of mini-sessions these past months, primarily for people wanting headshots for websites and other advertising. One of these people is Leslie, an amazing woman deeply connected to the world, whose goal is to guide people “to achieve a wholehearted life.” The energy that radiates from her can do nothing but impassion and motivate people. Leslie regularly hosts Pondering Pool sessions (no charge!) and can be hired for Clarity Conversations.

She took one of the images from our mini-session and ran with it, using it throughout her website, and splashed in another one that has her looking like an angel stepping in to help.


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