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My friend Jason, who you may know as CanonBlogger, has just reminded me that in the past week’s disaster, I’ve neglected to explain my sudden disappearance {insert requisite humble apologies}.

At the end of January, I built myself a fancy new computer system.  Immediately upon getting all of the software running to my liking, including some fancy workarounds to keep things like my slide scanner (which Nikon decided not to support once the world went to 64-bit operating systems) running, I received an email letting me know that my Sandy Bridge chipset was being recalled.  I’m not one to be on technology’s bleading edge, and thought I had waited long enough, but, well….

So I continued, waiting for the replacement chips to become available at the dealer.  I worked and diligently made backups.

A week ago Tuesday, my machine was unexplainably sluggish.  I don’t turn it off, so thought a quick reboot would help it.  It lost track of the operating system in that process and I later discovered that my snazzy new solid-state drive had half bought the farm, making it completely unusable.

The month-old drive was replaced with an even newer one, which might not have been the worst timing had the replacement chips also been available.  Alas, that project still lies ahead.

So with a fresh install of my operating system on yet another sparkling new drive, I had hoped that recovering from my backups wouldn’t take more than that evening.  It’s many days later and I’m still manually extracting backup files because a two-hour phone call with Microsoft help in India concluded with the fact that you can’t recover your backups to a drive that is not exactly the one from which you made the backups because you wanted to save your data just in case of such a disaster.

I love computers.

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