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Large events can pose challenges in creating a group photo. It could be that not everyone is present at the same time, individuals are reluctant to be photographed, or are not prepared to be photographed at the time the image is to be made. The sheer size of the group can preclude a good image of everyone together. My solution is simply to not photograph everyone together.

I have four children. Getting the four of them to appear in one image (nevermind getting them all to look good) is a near impossibility. In order to have a family photo of sorts, what I have done is to take them somewhere to snap photos as they allow. From these sessions, I have chosen the best image of each child and framed or hung the resulting group together. It is a clearly cohesive set as the lighting and location are consistent from image to image, and each child looks his or her best — no cajoling required.

Having been asked to shoot a couple of weddings recently, I put this strategy to use. It’s not that the couples expected to get a group shot of everyone at the receptions, but I thought it would be a great way to remember all the attendees. A newer technique, referred to as a Jarvie window, let me make the images fun for the bride and groom, and also for the guests as we could chuckle over the silly results displayed on the back of my camera. Tiling the resulting ‘windows’ into a large print creates a fun group picture and memory of a special event.

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