It’s as simple as it sounds: people get together for a friendly social outing and to make pictures. Scott Kelby took it further and instead of having just a local group, he decided to get the world together for one enormous walk. There were 1116 groups of walkers this year (the fourth) with 27954 walkers participating the first weekend of October. Just over half of those walks took place in North America, and the rest were scattered over every continent but Antarctica. That’s some friendly social outing!

There is no charge to participate, but as incentive to join and share images, Scott awards prizes to the best image for each walk, as well as a grand prize and ten finalist prizes selected from the walk winners. I believe there’s a people’s choice award as well.

All of this is very cool and I signed up for the first time this year as I can always use an excuse to go out, socialize and shoot. It was a perfect fall afternoon and I lucked into a dear and interesting woman with whom to walk (who doesn’t give herself enough credit for her photographic talent). That alone made my day.

Sharing images from the walk on flickr and seeing how differently so many people had viewed the same few blocks we walked, maintained the happy high of that afternoon. Then reminders started coming about submitting images for consideration for the local walk prize. I waffled. There were some outstanding images in our flickr group and those people certainly were going to win. I asked a few friends who pressed me to enter. I agonized about which image to submit, and then decided that I was investing far too much energy into trying to decide that it was simpler to not enter. The walk leader then insisted I submit an image. I caved.

I sent in the image that had effectively been chosen by a consensus of friends on flickr, Facebook, and in real life. Then I made myself forget that I had entered.

In my emailbox this morning was a very understated email from our walk’s leader simply titled “It’s official”. I must have skimmed it too quickly because I didn’t initially notice that it had been addressed only to me, and clicked through the link to be surprised to see my own image featured. Too cool.


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