About Me and My Gear

What kind of equipment do you use?
All of my camera gear is professional grade, made by Canon. I currently use two bodies, the 5D MkIII and the 5D MkII, and have an assortment of lenses, all from Canon’s L series that range from an 8-15mm fisheye through wide angle, tilt-shift, mid- and long zooms, to a 500mm telephoto lens. I have multiple flashes, extenders, reflectors, and assorted doodads that I may or may not be lugging at any given moment.

What kind of experience do you have?
I’ve outlined some of it on the about page, but I also received a certificate many years ago for courses that I completed (to confirm for myself that what I thought I knew was actually correct), and am committed to ongoing education, doing much of it online these days.

What other credentials do you have?
Besides a couple of university degrees, diplomas, and certificates coming out of my ears, I’m also a mom (read: chef, teacher, dispute mediator, housekeeper, executive secretary, stylist — you know these things all count for something). I’m also a member of Kelby One, an organization that was known as the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and NANPA (the North American Nature Photographers Association).

About the Session

What can I expect from a session with you?
I love to laugh and like nothing better than to share a couple of relaxed, happy hours with your family, capturing images that will unfailingly evoke warm memories for many years. I promise to never say “cheese” unless it’s part of a joke that elicits big belly laughs from your kids.

Yes, but, besides all that warm and fuzzy stuff…?
Oh, right. We’ll have some very informal initial consultations, usually via email or telephone, to determine what you’d like and to choose a when and tentative where. I may ask you to complete a questionnaire and once I’ve reviewed it, I might have more suggestions for locations (if you’re interested). We can also discuss styling choices as well as your plans for displaying your images. On the day of your session we’ll meet at your chosen location for which I will block two hours of time. We may or may not need it all and if things truly go gangbusters, we could be done in as little as 45 minutes. I won’t ever rush a session to be done early though; there’s time for clothing changes, snacks, calming cranky ones, and shooting the breeze.

What should I/we wear?
I think it’s easier to start with what not to wear. Vast expanses of white (or black), crazy prints (especially if multiple family members are wearing different prints), and clothing with logos all make for unflattering, busy images which will be dated in short order and with which you won’t be happy in the long term. Choose complementary colours, and don’t be afraid to show your bold personality in your choice of colour. If your son has a great multicolour shirt, have everyone else choose a colour from that shirt around which to create their own outfits. Accessories also add punches of colour and a sense of fun, so don’t shy away from hats, scarves, funky sandals, layers, sunglasses, hair bands, and that kind of stuff.

Can I include props?
If there’s something you think tells a story (or something I spot at your home that just says ‘you’), go for it! I’m not crazy about props for their own sake, but sometimes they just make a shot.

And after the session?
I work to have your proofs ready about a week following the session. I’ll contact you and we’ll arrange to meet and have a look at the images and discuss possibilities for showing them off.

About the Bottom Line

What does it all cost?
I don’t believe in selling you on a pre-set package, so you can mix-and-match prints, canvases, cards, books, whatever you like, as it suits you. I have a detailed rate sheet available by request. Session fees are $220 for four people or one nuclear or blended family (even if that’s more than four), with an additional $20 per person beyond that.

Are the digital files available?
Yes. If you choose to purchase the digital files you will also receive a use of rights agreement and a complete set of 4×6 prints.

Can you fix my teenager’s blemishes, diminish my wrinkles, and wipe the cookie crumbs from my toddler’s face?
All of this and more. Did your 5-year-old have a tantrum about not being allowed to wear her favourite tights that simply didn’t go with the outfit you picked for her? I can change the colour! Did the dog dash through the perfect shot at the most inopportune moment? I can take him out. Normal image enhancements are included, but if you’d like to make a major change we can talk about the work involved.

My bottom line?
I want you to love the images I capture. I want them to be timeless reminders of fleeting childhood that fill you with joy remembering your family’s growth, that you proudly share for many years ahead.

Still have questions?
Contact me!