truly a little man

We have birthdays in our house today, two of them, but it’s that of our eldest that has buzzed in my ears for the better part of a month as he has counted the days. He’s beyond excited about having a party (still a day to wait!) and all that goes with it, and the days just can’t pass quickly enough (as they do before you get out of your teens). He had the added fun of his first visit from the tooth fairy earlier this week to further intensify his eagerness.

I do love rediscovering the world through his eyes; everything needs to be explored and figured out, the colours are simply brighter and the smells fresher. He has his own ideas and opinions too. Do you know that the tooth fairy is really real, but the easter bunny is just Mama hiding treats? Despite living some mythology, his perception is tack-sharp: he’ll spot a minivan while we’re driving and remark that it looks exactly like his friend’s mom’s except that the tire tread is different. The literality of language is also good for some entertainment, asking me recently why, while we were stuck in traffic, it was called rush hour if everybody drove so slow. There’s little evidence anymore that I could hold him cupped in my two hands, and when he’s motivated, he moves like lightning.

My little man truly is a little man.handsome little man

A serious face at two months, letting Mama take passport photos (because we’re not supposed to look happy while travelling).

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