Miss March

See the bear cub at the top? That’s the calendar you want if you’d like to spend March with my Kermode bear. You can find it at Calendar Club, or order it here: Canadian Geographic […]

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operation: bunny rescue

It’s a cute bunny, but it’s not a great photo. This time it’s not about the photo but the story. I take very few photos as leader on Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk because I’m much […]

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The Calgary Stampede is wrapping up today, but besides exploring the diverse exhibition that it has become, I was able to contribute a miniscule (microscule!) portion this year. A friend was urging her friends to […]

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loose tooth

My kids get a kick out of the work of some parent/photographers who do fun stuff with their kids. One of my daughters decided that she wanted a photo just like one she had seen […]

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sporty girl

She loves sports (and blingy things — but mostly sports).

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Calgary hosts an excellent annual international fireworks festival coupled with a cultural fair. GlobalFest happens over a period of two weeks each August and it has become a standing date with my eldest son. Set […]

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It’s just a snapshot out my window of the sunset tonight, but wow!

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Calgary chinook

A new public artwork was officially presented to the city on Friday, together with the opening of a beautiful park named for urban sociologist and long-time Calgary city councilor Barb Scott. A mesmerising, interactive piece, […]

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It’s the shadow cast by the slats of a kitchen chair onto a table, but also of sunlight reflected from within the room creating a lighter shadow at a different angle.

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white sand

I was fortunate this past week to travel to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico with some priviledged access to the famed gypsum dunes. Especially because it’s January, I had to keep reminding myself […]

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